Company Overview

MagCanica is a globally recognized leader in torque sensor solutions founded in the year 2000 and based in San Diego, California. Drawing on the extensive educational background and practical experience of a group of highly talented mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, MagCanica has distinguished itself by solving some of the most challenging torque measurement problems facing the automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors worldwide.


MagCanica supplies highly accurate and reliable, non-invasive torque sensor systems to virtually every major race car manufacturer worldwide across all the major series (Formula 1, Formula E, WEC Hypercar, IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA GTP, and Cross-Country Rally Car), and to the US Army and US Navy in collaboration with Sikorsky, a division of Lockheed-Martin Corporation.


The name “MagCanica”, short for magnetomechanics, reflects MagCanica’s dedication to the advancement, development, and proliferation of new sensors and associated measurement systems based on magnetomechanical principles. Magnetomechanics is the specific branch of applied physics that concerns itself with the natural interactions that occur in many materials between their mechanical and magnetic properties. Thanks to its naturally wireless mode of operation, magnetomechanics is a technology ideally suited for the development of sensors used to instrument rotating machinery. MagCanica’s core technology is a magnetomechanically based truly non-contact, non-invasive torque sensor system.



MagCanica’s success and innovation in the field of torque sensing has been the focus of several articles in the press. As MagCanica continues to develop its technology and to improve its products, expect to hear more about us.