Multidisciplinary Approach

At the core of MagCanica’s products is magnetostriction. Magnetostriction, λ, is a property of materials that causes them to change the shape or dimensions when exposed to a magnetic field, or conversely for the magnetic properties to change when mechanical stress is applied to the material. The name “MagCanica” reflects the uniquely interdisciplinary nature of our products.

  • The torque sensor system is engineered using multiple disciplines: fundamental physics, material science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and embedded firmware to carry out cutting edge signal correction techniques.
  • When building our products, we source the components from the highest quality vendors, working with local suppliers when possible.
  • With respect to assembling our products, we source the best tools available to carry out the job and apply the most up-to-date assembly methods.
  • We carry out rigorous tests on each and every sensor system to ensure it meets our specifications.
  • To support the torque sensor system, our infrastructure consists of highly engineered testing solutions, torque-test rigs, and highly capable data analysis packages with custom analysis tools.

We make sensors that are accurate and reliable, and we continuously strive to improve their already excellent performance.

An applied field results in a strain in the material of magnetoelastic materials. The figure is a plot of magnetostriction as measured in microstrain (uS) versus applied field measured in Oersted (Oe), while applied stress is varied.