MagCanica offers exciting full-time, part-time, and summer internship opportunities for mechanical, electrical, computer and aerospace engineers to carry out a variety of challenging engineering projects while gaining high levels of responsibility early in their careers.



MagCanica works hard to allow employees the greatest possible personal flexibility while achieving our demanding engineering and business objectives.

  • Base salary, yearly performance based bonus, yearly merit-based salary raise
  • Annual vacation, 10 paid holidays per year
  • Medical, dental, workers’ compensation, disability, life insurance
  • 401K program with matching and a profit sharing program
Current Job Openings:

Project Manager

Job Description:

Project Manager

Full‐Time Position




MagCanica, Inc., a leading provider of non‐invasive torque sensor systems to the motorsport, aerospace, and energy sectors, is actively seeking new members to join our San Diego based team as we expect continued and sustained growth during 2022 and beyond.  Since the Company’s inception, MagCanica has focused its efforts on the development and commercialization of its non‐contact torque sensor technology which is used to measure torque on high performance powertrains on racecars, rotorcraft, and gas turbines. MagCanica is the global market leader in motorsport torque sensing and powertrain performance monitoring across a variety of automotive racing series including Formula 1, Formula E, World Endurance Championship (WEC), IMSA, NASCAR, IndyCar, and World Rally Car.  Additionally, MagCanica provides hardware, support services, and technology to the US Navy, US Army, and US Air Force as well as Lockheed Martin (Sikorsky) and Vericor Power Systems. Leveraging its leading position in motorsport torque measurement and having established a proven track record in solving some of the most challenging torque measurement problems facing industry, MagCanica is poised to expand further in its existing markets as well as into new markets electric and autonomous vehicles, and robotics and automation. 





The primary role of the Project Manager is to help coordinate the planning, prioritization, and execution of engineering projects.  In order to do so, the Project Manager is expected to work alongside the mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams engaged in engineering projects and


a) coordinate the generation of project initiation, scope  definition, and completion documents, and

b) to continuously monitor and keep up to date the status of execution of said projects by managing the engineering project schedule continuously toward expected deliverables and timelines, as the various projects progress.


The goal of the Project Manager is to facilitate the planning and execution of project tasks by an interdisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers.  S/he will be involved in projects related to product/development engineering as well as projects relating to manufacturing/process engineering.  In turn, these projects will typically involve the design and implementation of mechanical hardware, electrical hardware, and software engineering components. 


The Project Manager should have the ability to effectively and consistently organize and coordinate engineering projects associated with the torque sensor product line and associated manufacturing infrastructure to ensure the work is handled in a controlled and predictable fashion.  His/her efforts will result in a transparent, accessible, and up to date status of all engineering projects on a continuous basis.  These projects span several disciplines including materials science, mechanical engineering design, magnetics, electronic hardware, embedded firmware, data engineering / data science, and infrastructure software.  MagCanica is in a growth stage and is establishing best practices and systems associated with project and program management to allow for continued growth, such that the candidate is expected to help MagCanica continue to develop and implement these practices and supporting tools. The specific tasks and responsibilities the MagCanica Project Manager will be responsible for carrying out are listed below:  


Typical Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Work extensively with Asana project management software, becoming the resident expert in usage of the tool and championing it across the team
  • Coordinate the initiation, execution, and close‐out of a wide variety of engineering projects including continuous monitoring and tracking in Asana project management software.
  • Work with and support engineers to coordinate their completion of typical project initiation documents prior to projects beginning (e.g., project charters, expected outcomes, and project communication documents).
  • Regularly meet with engineers to facilitate project execution, working with and supporting them to consistently update project status and schedules in Asana, while ensuring continuous communication with other team members and timely completion of their tasks.
  • Work with engineers to coordinate their submission of typical project completion documents following project conclusion (e.g., lessons learned, data analysis reports, software modules, proof of concepts’ expected deliverables).
  • Coordinate engineering schedule with production schedule, interfacing with MagCanica’s Logistics and Operations Manager to ensure compatibility of the engineering schedule with the production schedule for those team members having responsibilities in both areas.
  • Work continuously as a bridge between the engineering team and the company CEO and CTO to help ease and facilitate communication across the various technical groups and identify any dependencies and/or potential obstacles to project completion and effective team dynamics.
  • Create, maintain, and present dashboards and reports describing project completion status, identifying critical dependencies, and exposing potential challenges.
  • Help the engineering team create and maintain detailed project plans and path analyses while ensuring resource availability.  Work with engineers to keep them on task and avoid project scope creep.
  • Meet with engineers 1‐on‐1 regularly to coordinate the work assigned to them on a weekly basis.  Create and continuously update timelines for successful completion of each engineer’s responsibilities, ensuring compatibility between their project task completion dates and the broader company schedule of required product launches and/or process upgrades.
  • Conduct risk analysis to minimize risk and escalate risks concerns with management.
  • Introduce best practices associated with project management, document such practices for re‐use, standardize project management templates for consistency, and continue to learn about new methods that may be applicable to MagCanica.
  • Assist with drafting client proposals and presentations to support sales and marketing efforts. 





Educational and Skill Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in a field related to Project Management, Business, or Engineering preferred•
  • At least 3 years of full‐time work experience in a related role including actual project management experience, preferably in a technical environment
  • Working knowledge of Project Management fundamentals, preferably including successful completion of a project management certificate program, such as PMP Certification
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and oral
  • Ability to thrive in a multidisciplinary engineering environment and work in‐person and on‐site
  • Experience managing projects relating to both hardware and software
  • Ability to manage projects pertaining to both product engineering and process engineering
  • Experience using Asana project management software or equivalent
  • Outstanding organizational and scheduling skills


The Type of Person We Are Looking For

We are looking for self‐motivated candidates who have a high degree of self‐discipline and initiative and a “can do” attitude with the ability to have a real impact on our engineering team’s efficiency and workflow.  The successful candidate should be comfortable working with mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and software engineers with varied backgrounds, styles, and roles.  The candidate will be a motivated self‐starter who can work under a constantly changing timeline due to our heavy involvement in the motorsport sector and our aggressive technology development strategy.   The key attributes of a successful Project Manager at MagCanica are a combination of organizational and communication skills, and the right balance of relying on software tools and documentation on the one hand, and face‐to‐face interactions with team members (both 1‐on‐1 and in groups), on the other.  


More broadly, as MagCanica is a growing company that is still in the initial stages of establishing a formal project management structure, we need someone who can be flexible and adapt to our culture while helping to integrate effective project management practices they may have developed elsewhere to help take our company to the next level organizationally.  The successful candidate will be an individual who has very high personal standards, a team player with a solution‐oriented approach, and someone who can derive genuine satisfaction from contributing to a high‐performance team.  



MagCanica offers a very competitive compensation package including base salary, a discretionary yearly performance‐based bonus, yearly discretionary merit raise, 3 weeks of paid vacation, and 10 paid holidays per year. Benefits include medical, dental, workers’ compensation, disability, and life insurance as well as a 401K program with matching and a flexible spending account (FSA) plan. The Company works hard to allow employees the greatest possible personal flexibility while achieving our overall engineering and business objectives. 



Please send your resume in PDF format with the file name containing your full name to: [email protected]


Download MagCanica Project Manager job description


MagCanica is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.