Le Mans lineup

24 Hours of Le Mans

Supporting what is considered one of the greatest sporting events in the World from June 6th through the 12th, representing MagCanica were Michael Callahan, Brian Katan, and Dejan Samardzic (in order on the selfies). This was an amazing opportunity for MagCanica, in which 31 systems were used during the race between the Hypercar and GTE Pro series. While our engineers were present the full week, it is Friday that is the busiest day as both our customers have the most availability and the start of the race is getting close. Once the race starts Saturday afternoon, there is little that can be changed. Dejan, Brian, and Michael were then able to take in the experience, which included being present in the middle of the night. There is only one 24 Hours of Le Mans – After nightfall and once the grounds are peaceful, the sounds and scenes of the cars lighting up the track are unforgettable.

As our staff are now taking some vacation in France, updated photos will be provided when available.